How does our skin heal?

Layers of the Skin

The skin is one of the many important organs of the human body. Your skin has several different layers. The first being the epidermis. The epidermis is the outer most layer of your skin. This layer is composed of mostly dead cells that are constantly shedding off of your body. The next layer is called the dermis. This layer contains all of the sweat glands, connective tissue, and hair follicles. The final layer is called the hypodermis. This layer has most of the fatty tissue and connective tissue. Image result for how do cuts heal

Healing Process

The skin heals from the deepest part of the cut to the outer most part of the cut. The edges of the cut will heal before the middle of the cut. After the body sustains a cut, the blood vessels around that area will restrict and clotting factors will be put into place. While the clot is forming, there are white blood cells that flood the area and look for any foreign materials to destroy. This is an important part of the healing process and helps our bodies prevent infections (this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t clean the wound though). Clots will eventually turn into scabs and fall off on their own.


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