How do airplanes fly?

History of Flying

Back in 1903 the Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, were the two inventors who developed the first working motorized airplane. They weren’t the first ones to try and fly though. The Wright brothers did make the first fixed-wing airplane and create controls for the airplane making it possible to fly. There were several attempts with kite models before anyone dared to fly the motorized version. Wilbur was the one who won the coin toss to fly the first model back in 1903. Look how far we have come since that day.

Four Forces of Flight

There are four common forces for flight.
Lift- upward
Drag- backward
Weight- downward
Thrust- forward

Airplane wings are shaped to make the air move faster over the top than the air moving below the wings. The pressure of the air decreases on top of the wing and creates an area of lower air pressure under the wing. This is known as lift.


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