The Make-Up of the Earth

The Earth is composed of seven major tectonic plates and many little ones. Look at the picture below to see them.


These plates move into, above, and push past one another. These movements result in earthquakes.

Types of Faults

There are three different kinds of faults. Convergent, divergent, and transforming faults are all different ways to describe how Earth’s crust moves. Convergent faults are when tectonic plates move towards one another. Divergent faults is when magma rises towards the surface of the crust, pushing the plates apart. The third kind of fault is a Transformation fault. These push plates sideways against one another.

Measuring the Earthquakes

The Richter Scale is used for measuring the strength and magnitude of earthquakes. The scale runs from 1-10. An earthquake measuring as a 10 on the scale is the worst and 1 being on the weaker side. The scale is determined by a few things. The duration time, distance it travels, and the amplitude of the shakes.

Interesting Facts about Earthquakes

Oklahoma had about 207 Earthquakes in the year 2014.
Many people think that the rising number of earthquakes is our (humans’) fault. We drill holes in the Earth’s crust to find oil and natural gas. Which may be disturbing the plates and causing more earthquakes.


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