Layers of the Atmosphere Part 2

Let’s review what we already know. The troposphere is the layer in which we live in and the layer where all of the weather occurs. The stratosphere is the layer right above the troposphere. Gases are layered in the stratosphere and don’t mix well with one another.

The next layer is called the mesosphere or in other words, the middle layer. This is the coldest layer of the atmosphere. The temperatures decrease as you increase in altitude. The very top of the mesosphere can get to temperatures of negative 130 degrees Fahrenheit!! The mesosphere can also cause this…


The gases and molecules that are in the mesosphere cause friction and build up heat. This causes the meteor to start on fire. You can also see this in some movies, where some object is entering the atmosphere and where it hits the mesosphere there are flames around that object.

The thermosphere is the highest layer of the atmosphere. The temperature increase as you increase in altitude.

As a review of all of the layers in the atmosphere, take a look at the picture below.


There is one last layer that I haven’t mentioned. It is called the exosphere and the air here is extremely thin. Whether the exosphere should be considered part of the Earth’s atmosphere is still up for debate.

And there you have it. You can name all of the layers of the Earth!


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